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Pros and Cons of Going Vegan (Guest Post)



My guest post on PugRunAholic from a few weeks ago – on the pros and cons of a vegan lifestyle. A general overview and introduction to why I went vegan!

Originally posted on PugRunAholic:

While I am enjoying my Disney vacation this week, I had the pleasure to post a guest post from Laura @ This is Thirty. I love reading about her life as a vegan and watching out for her awesome weekly recipes!

Laura @ This Is Thirty Blog

Hey there!  I’m Laura, and I blog at This is Thirty where I talk about my ultra-running, vegan, and doctoral student life. I am so excited to write a guest post for Jessica – and although I’m super jealous of her trip, I hope she has a wonderful time!  For my guest post, Jessica asked me to write about the pros and cons of a vegan lifestyle – and I was happy to oblige.  I’m not going to go abstract with you here; sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan and an ultramarathoner and gluten-free!  I have Celiac’s Disease, so being gluten-free…

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5 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Going Vegan (Guest Post)

  1. Thanks again for posting this awesome article :)

  2. We had missed the original post, thanks for sharing it again. We are not completely vegan, but looks like we get closer every day and your pros and cons really match how we think about it. Except for the running part, that makes you like superwoman to us!

  3. Great post, and another great blog for me to follow – double win! :)

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