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Ultrarunning Product Review: Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks


On Friday, I listed a few of the things that I needed (or might need) for my cold weather 100k coming up on March 29th (the END-Sure 100k).  Luckily (or unluckily, maybe) I had the perfect chance to try out some of the new gear in my 31-mile run last week, so I wanted to give y’all a chance to see how my carefully selected choices went (chosen after reading way too many reviews).

First up is the Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

When these socks (I got them in red too) arrived, I was a little worried because they seemed really thick.  I have a tough time with thick socks – they usually lead to blisters for me, but I decided to try them anyway because my Nike trail shoes don’t have as much cushion as I’m used to.

Nike Trail ShoesNote: I’m not 100% sold on these shoes, but they are growing on me.

What I liked:

  • I really like that these socks go up to mid-calf.  It is so frustrating to have exposed ankles in cold and wet weather, and my leggings never completely cover my ankles.  I wore these socks under my leggings, and while they definitely still felt thick, not thick in the “white cotton circa 1980″ sort of way.  I also found that they felt really good just walking around in them without shoes too – they are, simply, comfortable socks.
  • They kept my feet warm but not hot.  From the beginning, it was cold (18 degrees) but these socks kept my feet and ankles warm without making them too hot.  From the beginning to the end of the run, I also didn’t have a single problem with sweaty feet.
  • They literally “wicked” away water.  There were several times that I ran through water on this run, and at times, I felt the wetness through the shoes and socks.  Normally, that is a recipe for a miserable run, future blisters, and cold feet.  However, these socks literally wicked away the moisture so none of those things happened.  This was, by far, the most important part of these socks – and my feet were dry when I took off my shoes and socks at the end of the run.
  • No blisters.  I had zero blisters after 31 miles of running.  That, all on it’s own, is enough to sell these socks to me.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing.  These socks did exactly what I needed them to do.  As I mentioned before, some may find them a little too thick, but they did exactly what I needed them to do.

These socks were perfect for my ultratraining and running style (read: slow).  I’m definitely using these on race day and buying another pair (at only $12 on Amazon, I think they are a steal)!

What socks do you use for cold-weather runs (or hikes)?  What do you look for from good workout socks?

6 thoughts on “Ultrarunning Product Review: Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

  1. I don’t do anything special for cold weather but a) I don’t run ultras (yet!) and b) I don’t live anywhere as cold as North Dakota!!

  2. Great review. Might check these out since winter doesn’t seem to want to go away.

  3. Oh goodness this is awesome! Definitely have to look into these. I usually wear two pairs of socks these days (and on mornings like today where it’s 4 degrees, I wear a pair of thick tights under my running tights too), and I know I’m lucky I haven’t gotten a blister yet. My feet just get really cold with one pair and I need my ankles covered when I’m running through snow drifts! Thank you for sharing these :)

  4. It is funny – I have never done anything special with socks regardless of the cold. So last year when I ran in -17F I was running with the same Asics I ran when it was 90F in the summer.. After Christmas I started wearing all compression socks, so when it broke -20F … no change.

    BUT the huge thing – and what I love about your description – is the wicking. The Asics were mediocre at wicking, so I don’t wear them anymore. Both my compression sets are really good, so even though my New Balance Minimus let water in like a sieve, it is quickly gone … which is cool.

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